16-09 Represion and arrest

Everyday represion in the context of “No M.A.T.”
I was stopped by the police on the path to the gas station. What started as what I thought was a random ID check turned into me being arrested due to false alegations by the police, a night in custody and me now facing a trial. The fact that I was not from this area played a big role throughout the confrontation, and resulted in fascist remarks and police violenle.

I can only assume that the reason behind this repression is to divided us and to keep the protest local. But it isn´t local, it is a global struggle that affects us all and there for shouldn´t be left to adress by a small group of people that feels responsible, but by anyone with a social and enviromental conscience.

The answer to massive police intimidation and repression can not be to back down, but to organize and support more strongly on any possible level.

Thank you for all the support and solidarity I have recived, I will continue to give it.

Memory protocol.

On the 16.9.2013 at around 7 p.m. I took the road to the gas station to buy drinks. There was a Mosso control and they asked for my ID. I gave them my passport and they told me to put all my stuff on the front of the car, then the only female officer wanted to search me. I asked why and they said: “because we are police”. I said that´s no reason. They searched me and asked me what I was doing there and i replied: “I gave my ID, I will not answer your questions”. Form this moment on they were very aggressive. At some point one cop said: “take yours things and go” I felt that he didn´t want to let me go, but had to. I said in an ironic way: “thank you! That´s so nice of you!” Then he spat in my face and I spat right back. He then inmediately punched me in the head. I fell down and 3 cops sat on my back, handcuffed me, punched me and the cop who spat in my face said: “now you underestand catalan” and they took me to the station. There I told the officer who did the bureancracy that her colleague had hit me  and that I wante his identification number, but she ignored me. Then they locked me up without telling me what´s going on. The next day they took my finger hand points, my photos, questioned me but I refused to say anything. Around noon they took me to the court and following my public lawyer “instructions”. I answered the judges questions. I was let go until my trial – apparently the cops told the judge I had kicked and punched them, etc.- I then got in contact  with the lawyer who support the struggle against the M.A.T., who will take care of the future proceedings with the court.

Mas Castelló (desalojada) contra la MAT