First week of occupation

First week of occupation

We are writing from the squatted mansion /Mas Castelló/, near to
Orriols, Catalonia.

On the back of the energy and enthusiasm of the camp against the MAT
that was held in Fellines, we have squatted a space to give the struggle
against the MAT continuity, creating a meeting place here we can share
experiences of struggles and collective living that breaks away from the
models imposed on us by consumer society.

The list of struggles in defence of territory is long: businessmen and
multinationals whose lack of responsibility knows no bounds try to build
poisonous infrastructures, sacking the worlds remaining natural
resources and irreparably destroying everything in thier path, in the
name of profit and their insane idea of progress.

Over these weeks, from the beginning of the camp to the occupation,
there have been discussions about the struggles against the High Speed
Trains in Val de Susa (Italy) and Euskal Herria (Basque Country),
against open-cast mining in Laciana, León, the macro-aiport at
Notre-Dame de Landes, close to Nantes in Francia (ZAD), the THT (High
Tension Power Lines in France) and the techno-nuclear system in
Normandy, the gold mine in Rosia Montana (Romania), a battle which the
population has just won following decades of struggle, the mobilisations
against the oil companies that are sacking and destroying the Amazon,
the High Tension Power Line in Valle d’Albaida (Valencia), the intent to
devastate the mountains near to Thessaloniki in Greece, and the
mobilisation in Granada, Andalucia, against the construction of a
motorway ring-road.

Mas Castelló, which has been empty for many years and was completely
abandoned, is a collective space where everyone can contribute what they
want, from ideas and energies to desires and doubts. This squatting is
not an end in itself, but a means to give new impulse to the struggle
against the MAT, to connect with and participate in the struggles for
the defence of other territories against these destructive
macro-projects and the world and the society that sustains them and
needs them.

We want to fill the house with life and energy, for there to be
workshops and spaces to share practices and learn from each other,
sharing skills and experiences, rebuilding the spaces as wee need them,
and coming together to liberate our lives from the apathy imposed bu
obligations and codes that we have never wanted to follow.

We are excited to continue this project and we invite you to pass by the
mansion and participate.

The house is for those who live it, respect it and share it, to
strengthen our relations in a horizontal way, without hierarchies,
leaders or representatives, forging stronger links and reactivating
these struggles for territory with greater strength and courage.

“La casa è di chi l’abita
è un vile chi lo ignora
il tempo è dei filosofi
la terra è di chi la lavora.”

The wild and free squatters of Mas Castelló

Mas Castelló (desalojada) contra la MAT