Solidarity from Reclaim the Fields

Communique: support the resistance against MAT

From Manheim, Germany, the 300 people currently taking part in the
climate camp & reclaim the fields camp express our solidarity with the
people that are resisting the construction of the last part of the
MAT(explain…) close to Girona in Catalonia.

We are glad to hear that so far the action camp and the ocupation of the
masia which you have carried out are sucessfully going on.

The camp we are carrying out here in Manheim is doing well too. It is
helping to give visibility to an opposition to the megaproject of coal
open cast mining which is being implemented in the region of Germany.

During the last ten days we have organised dozens of actions and we
reoccupied a nearby forest and set up a tree camp there. The aim of this
new occupation is to resist the next implementation phase of the coal
mining project, which if we do not stop it will destroy among other
things the village of Manheim and all its agricultural land.

So from this corner of west Germany we send you lots of strength and
energy in order to keep your struggle and resistance going against that
destructive infrastructure and against the industrial capitalist system
which makes it necessary.

Your struggle is our struggle.
In solidarity and resistance

participants from the climate and reclaim the fields camps

Mas Castelló (desalojada) contra la MAT