Solidarity with Sonja Suder.

 From Mas Castello, where we are meeting to fight against the M.A.T.  (the Very High Tension power line that will transport 400 kV of electric energy from France, across Spain, to Marocco), we want to express our solidarity with, and demand the imediate freedom of, Sonja Suder, who has fallen into the clutches of power and is currently in a prison of the German state.

Sonja is accused of involvment in several acts of sabotage, some of them against the nuclear industry. This connects her struggle with the struggle against the M.A.T., since the M.A.T. feeds dependency on, and the expansion of, the time bomb that is called the nuclear industry.

Because Sonja´s fight is our fight, we will not stop until the last chain is broken and the last jail cell is open.

Freedom for Sonja and all prisoners

Tear down the walls of the prisons.

Mas Castelló (desalojada) contra la MAT